Why the CRTC Blew It on the Super Bowl

Last week the debate raged on over the CRTC’s confiscation of Bell Media’s exclusive Canadian broadcasting rights for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Super Bowls. The story began in 2015 when CRTC Chair Jean-Pierre Blais decided to put his personal stamp on Canadian broadcasting with a series of controversial deregulatory moves. The most blatantly populist ruling was to end the CRTC’s “simultaneous substitution” rule for the broadcast of a single show, the NFL Super Bowl. The main bone of contention is this: in the name of the terribly important policy goal of allowing Canadians to view American commercials instead of Canadian commercials, Mr. Blais deprived Bell Media of its exclusive Canadian dis

Canadian Journalism is Going Broke

Recently I received the most startling news from Open Media: “It’s official: 70 per cent of Canadians hate the Internet Tax, according to a brand new poll.” Sorry, it was bolded in the original. But in the interest of accuracy in media, let’s first answer a multiple choice question. Which is the correct answer? a. Open Media paid for the poll. b. Canadians hate anything called a “tax.” c. There is currently no “Internet tax” (other than sales tax). d. If there was an "Internet tax", it would probably be phased in to replace the existing $450 million cable TV “tax” that few know about. e. The existing cable TV “tax” helps pay for Canadian content in our news, information and entertainment med

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