TV is Everywhere, Where is our Government?

Coincidence can be sweetly ironic if not downright disturbing. April 26th was such a day in Canadian media. In Toronto, CEO George Cope announced Bell Canada's forthcoming CTV app for cordcutters who prefer to buy internet data from George instead of a cable subscription. Meanwhile in San Francisco, Heritage Minister Melanie Joly tweeted a video announcement that she had been talking to the Silicon Valley giants Google, Facebook and the rest, promoting Canadian internet values and media content. The subtext to her announcement (confirmed by newspaper interviews of the Minister) made it clear: she has made no demands or threats as they relate to Canadian content rules or contributions. To co

Feds Must Save Postmedia Newsrooms to Save Journalism

Canada has a new media mogul, Mark Lever. The publisher of the Halifax Chronicle-Herald just bought Transcontinental’s 28 newspapers in Atlantic Canada for a reported $30 million, creating the new “Saltwire” chain of 35 regional papers. And so continues the doubled-down strategy of Canadian media companies: buy more properties in the pursuit of economies of scale, pile on the debt. Then cross your fingers that someone will figure out how to make news pay in the Internet age. Mr. Lever ---he of the ongoing 15-month employer-provoked strike at the Halifax Chronicle-Herald--- apparently convinced Toronto banker JFK Robertson this Transcon deal is a good investment. Life-long banking guy Roberts

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