La collusion, peu importe comment on l’appelle, reste de la collusion

Le 28 septembre lorsque la ministre du Patrimoine, Mélanie Joly, a annoncé qu’elle ne ferait rien pour les nouvelles locales, mais que ces nouvelles étaient quand même un « pilier » de sa vision à l’égard des médias, je me suis dit : il va y avoir des morts, beaucoup de morts. Voici les morts : Postmedia et Torstar ont annoncé le 27 novembre qu’ils allaient échanger 41 hebdomadaires et quotidiens. Trente-six d’entre eux ont immédiatement fermé, 21 chez Postmedia et 14 chez Torstar, y compris les quotidiens Orillia Packet et Times, le Barrie Examiner, Metro Vancouver, et Metro Winnipeg. Trois cent journalistes et travailleuses et travailleurs des médias ont été congédiés. L’échange et les fer

Collusion By Any Other Name

On September 28 when Heritage Minister Melanie Joly announced she was doing nothing for local news, but that local news was nonetheless a “pillar” of her vision for media, I said to myself: it’s going to take bodies, lots of bodies. Here are the bodies: Postmedia and Torstar announced on November 27th they were swapping local weekly and daily papers. Thirty-six of them immediately closed, 21 by Postmedia and 14 by Torstar, including dailies the Orillia Packet & Times, the Barrie Examiner, Metro Vancouver, and Metro Winnipeg. Three hundred journalists and media workers were fired. The swap and close was a workaround federal collusion laws. It is of course, collusion by any other name. Both Po

It Was A Brutal Week For Newspapers. It Doesn't Need To Happen Again

What is needed is a call to action for our federal government to respond to this crisis. Jerry Dias This has been one of the most brutal weeks yet in the Canadian newspaper industry. More than 30 newspapers are closing down, and more than 300 workers are losing their jobs, after Postmedia and Torstar swapped a number of newspapers on Monday, and then promptly closed several of their new acquisitions. The move mirrored a similar shuffle three years ago when Black Press and Glacier swapped a series of British Columbia publications in 2014, leading to the closure of several of them. None of this needed to happen. The crisis facing the newspaper industry has been fully documented for years now.

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