Le vol de films n’est pas un crime sans victimes

L’opposition à la campagne de Franc-Jeu Canada contre le vol de films arrive au bon moment, mais présente un bémol, comme on pouvait s’y attendre. La coalition industrielle de syndicats, de guildes, de diffuseurs et de studios de cinéma demande au CRTC de cesser de pourchasser les sites Web clandestins de l’étranger et d’établir un régime efficace de géoblocage qui enraye les sites de vol de films les plus flagrants. Au total, 20 pays, dont la Grande-Bretagne, la France, la Corée du Sud, le Portugal, l’Espagne, la Norvège, la Grèce et le Danemark, ont déjà fait ce que propose Franc-Jeu : protéger leurs propres industries culturelles contre les voleurs. La coalition Franc-Jeu, qui comprend le

Movie-theft is not a victimless crime

The opposition to Fairplay Canada’s campaign against movie-thievery arrived on-cue, and off-key, as expected. The industry coalition of Canadian unions, guilds, broadcasters, and film studios is asking the CRTC to stop the whack-a-mole game of chasing offshore pirate websites and institute an effective geo-blocking regime that stops the most blatant theft sites. Twenty countries including Great Britain, France, South Korea, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Greece and Denmark have already done what Fairplay is proposing: protect their own cultural industries from thieves. The Fairplay Coalition, including the media unions Unifor, ACTRA, IATSE, and the Director’s Guild, wants a stop to the job-killing

Ottawa should force Google and Facebook to pay their share

Not only does Canada’s current law, largely written for a pre-digital world, fail to offer sufficient protections for domestic publishers, it also perversely gives foreign competitors a leg up. The extraordinary disruption of global media by online giants Facebook and Google has set off a legislative frenzy around the world. As these companies continue to strengthen their effective duopoly on digital advertising, leaving local media behind, governments are struggling to manage the impact on domestic economies and democracies. Of course, we, like all traditional media companies, have a particular interest in how government responds, but all citizens have a stake. Australia, which recently lau

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