Cabinet reset an opportunity for a policy reset in support of ‘civic journalism’

By Bill FoxOpinion Sun., July 22, 2018 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday tweaked his cabinet line-up as his Liberal government readies itself for the 2019 federal election. And as the new line-up looks for opportunities to step up their game, federal policies regarding news organizations should be high on that list. The Trudeau government reportedly does not want to “bail out” media companies that are “no longer viable.” Federal officials defend their “studied indifference” with public opinion research that indicates Canadians believe that in this social media age, they are awash in news and therefore have no desire to fund legacy media companies in any way shape or form. But federa

It’s time to start paying for Canada’s newspapers

American media are finally noticing Canada and making nice. It is unclear why they are suddenly so fond of our 37 million citizens, oh I see, they want our subscription money. A chirpy hard-sell American consultant explained it this way to the Financial Times: “It’s simple math. Canada is really a big, cold California,” said a grinning Ken Doctor. “Well-educated, affluent, English-speaking, a natural market.” Doctor is a Californian. He thinks Canada is the University of California campus at Santa Cruz. Be true to your school, Ken. Canadians are young, white, glib guys with rich parents. They vape, are without French, and happily pay hefty subscription prices for news. It is to laugh. Canadi

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