Aucune excuse pour justifier des attaques à l’égard des journalistes

Les bons journalistes posent des questions difficiles. Ils remettent en question ce que vous dites et vous avez intérêt à leur transmettre des faits exacts. En réalité, des journalistes rigoureux m’obligent à mieux travailler et à mieux servir le public. Je sais que je dois être à la hauteur pour faire passer mon message. En me confrontant et en remettant en question d’autres choses aussi dans leurs reportages, les journalistes jouent un rôle inestimable. Leur travail est au cœur d’une démocratie en santé. Or, tout le monde n’est pas d’accord avec ce fait. Le photojournaliste du Toronto Sun, Stan Behal, s’est fait attaquer le 11 août en faisant son travail lorsqu’il prenait des photos et fil

No excuse for attacks on journalists

Good reporters ask hard questions. They challenge what you say, and you better have the facts to back you up. The fact is, tough reporters make me better at my job, and that serves the public. I know I need to be on top of things to get my message across. By challenging me and other subjects in their stories, journalists play an invaluable service and their work is at the heart of a functioning democracy. Not all seem to agree, however. Toronto Sun photojournalist Stan Behal was attacked on August 11 while doing his job, taking photos and shooting video at an anti-hate rally outside city hall in Toronto. With one eye shut and the other in the viewfinder of his camera, Behal couldn't see the

The local-news crisis is destroying what a divided America desperately needs: Common ground

Ken Doctor saw it coming. A few years ago, the media analyst looked at the trend lines and predictedthat by 2017 or so, American newsrooms would reach a shocking point. “The halving of America’s daily newsrooms,” he called what he was seeing. Last week, we found out that it’s true. A Pew Research study showed that between 2008 and last year, employment in newspaper newsrooms declined by an astonishing 45 percent. (And papers were already well down from their newsroom peak in the early 1990s, when their revenue lifeblood — print advertising — was still pumping strong.) The dire numbers play out in ugly ways: Public officials aren’t held accountable, town budgets go unscrutinized, experienced

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