A Tax Credit Can Help Save Canadian Journalism, But Never Buy It

The Liberals’ newly announced supports for media would have no impact on the day-to-day decisions of any working journalist. Jerry Dias For the media in Canada and around the world, the internet and social media have changed everything. The way the news is presented has changed. The way it is consumed has changed. The way it is paid for has changed, too often to the detriment of traditional media. What has not changed is the central role media plays in our society as a vital part of our democratic system — and that’s why media companies and workers, Unifor included, have for years pushed the federal government to find a way to support local news. The recent federal financial update from the

Répondez à ce jeu-questionnaire sur les préjugés dans les médias

Howard Law Après que le gouvernement fédéral ait lancé la semaine dernière une bouée de sauvetage pour le journalisme civique, répondons à un jeu-questionnaire sur la perception de la partialité des médias. Allons-y. Classez par ordre d'importance les contributions suivantes, ou les contributions présumées, aux perceptions de partialité des médias : Jerry Dias, le président des 315 000 membres d'Unifor - qui représente la majorité des quelque 5 000 journalistes syndiqués du pays - s'exprime quotidiennement sur les grands enjeux politiques de l'heure qui touchent le bien-être des travailleuses et travailleurs, généralement à gauche de l'échiquier politique et donc opposés à la plupart des pol

Take this Media Bias Quiz

In the wake of the federal government throwing a lifeline to civic journalism last week, let’s take a quiz about perception of media bias. Here we go. Rank in order of importance the following contributions, or alleged contributions, to perceptions of media bias: 1. Jerry Dias, the President of the 315,000 members of Unifor ---which includes the majority of the nation’s approximately 5,000 unionized journalists--- speaks out daily on the major policy issues of the day affecting workers’ well-being, generally on the left of the political spectrum and therefore opposed to most Conservative politicians. 2. The wealthy and nearly unanimously conservative owners of all Canadian newspape

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