Unifor is Canada's largest private sector trade union representing 315,000 Canadians in 20 major economic sectors. Unifor represents 12,000 journalists and media workers in broadcasting, print and online news, graphical printing, and film production.
Unifor is Canada's largest media union. In 2015 the Unifor Media Council launched the #journalismis campaign with the participation of numerous news companies and other media groups. Our Media Action Plan (mediaactionplan.ca) is the face of our active leadership in public policy for journalism and Canadian media content.

Jake Moore

Media Council Chair - Jake is President of Local 79-M in Toronto and employed at Bell TV.

Howard Law

Howard Law is the Director of Media for Unifor. He has been a National Representative since 2011 and previously was the staff representative for CEP Local 87-M since 1997.

Jennifer Moreau

Secretary Treasurer - Jennifer is Secretary-Treasurer of Local 2000 in Vancouver and is a journalist at the Burnaby NOW newspaper.

Leslie Mathiason

Local 75G

Peggy Kyriakidou

Nabet Local 700

Paul Morse

Newsmedia - Paul is President of Local 87-M in Toronto and is a journalist at the Hamilton Spectator.

Kristi Tapp

Broadcasting - Kristy is an activist in Local M-1 and is employed by Global Television, Calgary in On-Air Services.

Stephane Giroux

Stéphane Giroux  has been at CTV News Montreal since 1994 and has worked for more than 30 years in Québec media in both French and English. During his career, he has covered some of Quebec's most high-profile criminal cases, including the two-year-long Charboneau Commission on corruption in the province. Stéphane is also the past president of the Québec federation of professional journalists (FPJQ).

Ronda Benjamin

Equity Representative

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