Andrew Coyne, Canadian Journalism, and the Great Unwashed

You know that a public policy idea’s time has come when it can take the best punch from the smartest critics without any harm. Such is the case of the $350M government aid proposal tabled last week by News Media Canada and a broad coalition of industry groups, including Unifor, and columnist Andrew Coyne’s counter-argument published in the National Post. Coyne doesn’t deny reality: he acknowledges we are experiencing industry failure because Canadian advertising dollars are streaming out of the country into the coffers of Silicon Valley. But Coyne is unfazed. Let it happen, he says. Don’t prop up mainstream media at the expense of the upstart start-ups, the “rebels” of media as he calls them


The adieu of a prematurely exiting senior bureaucrat is not a pretty sight. Take the case of Jean-Pierre Blais, the departing Chair of Canada’s broadcasting and telecom regulator the CRTC. In his speech to the Banff World Media Festival on June 13th, Mr. Blais defiantly defended his five-year legacy, proclaimed his vision of the future, and ripped his critics as personally as he felt disrespected during his leadership of the Commission. In his 6,000-word speech he admonished broadcasting executives sitting in the crowd to pay attention to broadband and connectivity, in case they hadn’t quite noticed which direction their multi-billion dollar industry was taking. He went on to itemize how he,

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