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  • Unifor Media Council

Cultural Workers Union of Ukraine

February 28, 2022

Lyudmyla Perelygina


Cultural Workers Union of Ukraine

25, Shota Rustaveli Street, Office. 309

01019 Kiev


Dear Lyudmyla,

Colleagues and friends, on behalf of Unifor and Unifor’s Media Sector we write to extend our support, solidarity and deepest sympathies with our colleagues in the Cultural Workers Union of Ukraine and all journalists during these difficult times.

Covering a war is always dangerous, and the impact can last a lifetime. To do this as your own country is under attack and your families face an uncertain future is unimaginable.

Unifor condemns this Russian invasion. Many in Canada have roots in Ukraine, including myself, and this type of invasion threatens our families and our way of life. Unifor represents 12,000 journalists and other media workers across Canada in both print and broadcast. We all stand with you.

We join our trade union partners in Europe to demand an end to this war, hatred and brutality. We must work to ensure that peace and security as the only way to provide stability and social justice to workers.

Media workers and journalists put their lives on the line to keep us informed. We stand in solidarity with you, and in awe.

In solidarity,

Randy Kitt

Unifor Media Director



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